June 20, 2019

What Do Drums Carry?

drum filling machine

You’ve probably seen the big industrial drums around docks, factories, construction sites, and other work heavy places. While they do look cool and official, have you ever wondered exactly what they carry? Why are they used so often in those certain workplaces?

Well, those drums are used to ship bulk cargo, which is a cargo that is brought to a place in solid or liquid form and is unpackaged. Mostly the bulk cargo is either a powder, such as gravel, grain, or coal. It can also be a liquid, like water or oil. Once the cargo is brought, then a drum filling machine will fill the drums with the cargo and they will be sealed.

Drums either have an open top or welded top lids. Welded top lids are made more for long term transport and storage, as their lids are designed to be shut tightly. The open top lids are the opposite, being designed to open easily and allow for goods to be poured in and out. Welded top drums mostly store liquid, while the open top one’s store powers and grains.

Most open top drums are sealed with clamps and bung holes or are screwed in with wrenches and bung tighteners. That, along with their steel frames, makes them able to take a lot of punishment before breaking, to prevent theft and damage on the journey.

The drums, despite being heavy, can be moved in a number of different ways. These include turning them on their sides and rolling them around, rolling them by tipping them on their bottom rim, or simply loaded onto a dolly and moved that way. The drums are then loaded onto trucks, ships, or other forms of transportation, and then sent to their location where they are unloaded and emptied.

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