June 20, 2019

What You Need to Know to become an Audio Engineer

Audio engineers need to know a lot about sound, not just how it works, but also what makes certain sounds sound good. They are the people in the recording studio, the people who listen to the music and turn the raw recording into the finished track. The people who mess with knobs and controls and volume to get everything sounding pitch perfect.

Answering the question of how to become a recording engineer is what most people want to know, and it requires a love of both music and science. It’s not enough to listen to the sound, but you also have to understand how it works and why.

They can work in either music production or work on film, but in either case, they are working to capture sound and bring it to life so people can hear it. Audio engineers need to see the relationship between different types of sound and how they all work together to balance things out. If a band is in a recording studio that has three instruments, the engineer is the one who makes sure they complement but don’t all overpower one another.

You need to be familiar with hardware- such as microphones and amps, along with software that allows the sound to be edited and mixed. With those tools in place, you can properly capture and then mix and edit the sound to create a great final product.

how to become a recording engineer

Finally, you need a portfolio that highlights your best work and skill set, while also showing that you can do what the job requires of you. If you are required to edit a piece of sound, then have your portfolio for that job be all about your editing work. With a lot of hard work, you can become an audio engineer and live your dreams.

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